Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help Uphold Justice


A wrongful death attorney can help you file a successful lawsuit. We understand that you have recently lost a loved one, and we will provide the compassionate, dedicated service you need to ensure that you receive just compensation. We can hold the responsible party accountable.

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Woman: Let's talk about wrongful death. George: In regard to wrongful death, there are a couple of important things we need to remember. One, the statute limitations, it's very important to realize when the statute limitation is run for a wrongful death. And secondly, the people who are allowed to take under a wrongful death statutes, those are very important, because those are that you want to make sure you get everybody. Because if you don't get everybody, you're going to have somebody coming later on claiming to be an heir, and you want to make sure you cover that early on, especially with the insurance carriers, to make sure that everything has been taken care of right upfront. Kerry: Yeah, and we talk about wrongful death, but really when you talk about wrongful death, it's because your loved one has died, and so who's left to recover for that person? It's the surviving members, usually family members who are awarded compensation for somebody who unjustly took the life of your loved one. Now, what does that mean? How is a monetary award given by some judge or jury? Well, a lot of things. I mean, every human life is worth something. How much? It's dependent upon so many different factors that it's important for us as a law firm to understand what that person was all about. And what the circle of immediate friends and family are all about, so that we can paint a picture to a jury to get a fair and accurate award.