Why Hire a Lawyer?

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?


A personal injury lawyer can protect you against insurance companies. Our attorneys can also help hold the negligent party responsible so you can collect damages. They have helped many clients receive compensation for medical treatments, missed days of work, and other expenses resulting from their accident.

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Woman: What is an injury lawyer going to do for me? Man: What's an injury lawyer going to do for me? Kerry, you want to take this one? Kerry: No, go ahead, start. Man: Okay. What we do is like any other profession. We know the profession better than somebody who's not in it. So what we're going to do for you is we're going to get it set up, we're going to make sure that you're protected, we're going to make sure that you don't sign any things you shouldn't sign. Each step of the way, they're going to be dealing with us, rather than dealing with you. And that kind of protection, you're not going to get unless you get a lawyer in your case. Kerry: You know, all too often, clients come to us thinking first off that they were able to handle or they could handle this claim on their own. Sometimes, you can but those times you can, 9 out of 10 times had you gotten a lawyer, we or any good competent lawyer would've gotten you a better result than you got on your own. And more fatal is the instance where you say, "I'm going to take it on my own, I'll take a settlement, no big deal," without reviewing it with a lawyer. Because there are so many aspects of a case that have to be explored, where you're signing off for settlement, you're doing yourself a disservice, you're doing your family a disservice. If you're involved in an automobile accident or any kind of accident involving serious injury, please consult a lawyer first. Don't sign any form. At least, consult a lawyer and educated on what a lawyer can do for you. Man: And Kerry, this is a perfect example of if you're going to be your own lawyers, you don't know what you don't know. That's so important in this particular area. Kerry: Yes. You'll be eaten up by the insurance company.