Trolley Injuries

A Train Accident Attorney Can Help You Receive Compensation


If you have been injured in a trolley or train accident, you may be able to collect compensation from a municipality or state. It is of the utmost importance in these instances you make a claim as soon as possible. A train accident attorney with our firm can help you collect evidence and build a strong case.

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Woman: Just talk to me a little bit about train or trolley accidents. George: Train and trolley accidents are usually, not always, a claim against a municipality or state. A state obvious with trains, depending on whether it was Amtrak or not. And trolleys with the city, where they're at, whether San Diego or L.A. It's very important in these situations, again, to make a claim against the city or municipality because without a claim, within six months after the accident, you lose your right to sue them. Basically, they give you the permission to sue them, once they deny the claims, which they almost always do. So it's very important. Besides that, it's also the condition of the trolley or train and if that had some effect or some contribution to how the accident happened. Kerry: I know. Whenever we have a train accident coming to us or a trolley, we're looking at a number of different things. We're looking at, first of all, how was the accident caused? And then you have to get the maintenance records of the train and trolley. You have to get maintenance records of the trolley itself but the track. And you're looking at potential defendants, you're looking at design effects. You really have a potential complicated series of issues on-hand that have to be explored. So if a situation like that occurs, talk to a lawyer who knows what they're doing, who has experience with this, and who will do the right thing for you. George: And also understand that in almost every train or trolley, there are cameras, so it's important that we get those preserved and request those as well. Kerry: Evidence, the key is evidence. George: Exactly.