Spinal Cord Injury

A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help You Receive the Compensation You Deserve


A spinal cord injury is a disabling condition that can have a significant negative impact on your life. We believe that you should be compensated for your family's pain and suffering, as well as your own. A spinal cord injury attorney can help you navigate the complex process and provide the court with substantial evidence to help you receive the recovery you deserve.

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Woman: Can you explain spinal cord injuries? Kerry: We do know a little something about spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries are another group of injuries that could be catastrophic, and they're not always the slipped disc or the broken vertebrae. These are spinal cord injuries that have incredible effects to the individual who's affected, and those around them. And again, it's like some of the others. It's so important to get the right expert medical doctors involved to help with the treatment, to help with the progression, if it can be corrected. Not all spinal cord injuries can be corrected, so what happens then? How do we get them fair compensation? Man: And that's a good point. What you need to do is, you need to get on an attorney and a doctor right away, to make sure that you get these things diagnosed because a lot of times it can be very difficult to convince an insurance company, unless you have somebody early on diagnosing you and following you each step of the way. Kerry: Right, and this is another instance where we would try and do what's called, a day in the life of somebody who's been injured because when you want to get somebody fair compensation, what's fair? Well, oftentimes a jury has to determine what's fair, and if a jury can understand and know what you were able to do before the spinal cord injury and what you're limited to now, that gross differential is the only way you can be awarded that compensation, is through money, and what we want to do is show a jury so they give you a fair monetary award.