Slip and Falls

Our Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Prove Property Owner Negligence


If you suffer a fall on someone else's property, it is important that you seek reliable legal counsel as soon as possible to maintain the evidence needed to build your case. The slip and fall lawyers with our firm can prove that your injury was a property owner's fault. This is the key to collecting the compensation you need and deserve.

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Woman: Some people want to know about slip and fall cases. Kerry: You asked about slip and fall cases. That's probably one of the areas we get a lot of calls on. We interview our potential clients, and take some cases, don't take some cases. And the reason is kind of a legal reason, because many people trip, many people fall, many people injure themselves, but in order to have a claim against someone, whether it's an individual, an entity, a company, that company, entity, has to have a condition where they knew or should have known there was a potential danger, or a potential for somebody falling. And so that is a linchpin that we need to establish in order to have a case where you can get recovery, because you trip and fall, because let's face it in the course of ordinary human events, people trip, and fall all the time. And it doesn't necessarily have to be somebody else's fault. But when it is, we know what to do, how to do it, and particularly what to preserve in the way of evidence in order to go forward with your case. George: Yes, Kerry, I wholeheartedly agree that companies have to do certain things to maintain the premises, and there are certain things they have to jump through in order to make sure that they have knowledge, and if they don't have knowledge should they have knowledge. And so it's very important you get to an attorney as soon as you can after that, and make sure that you've got representation because it is a tricky area. Kerry: Take care of yourself, and we'll take care of your case. George: Absolutely.