Marijuana Accidents

Can I Receive Compensation if I was Injured by Someone Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana?


Driving under the influence of marijuana is still a very new aspect of auto accident cases. If you have been in injured by a motorist driving under influence of marijuana, you may be entitled to compensation. Our team is able to navigate the complexity of these cases to help you prove the other party's fault and help you collect.

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Woman: What if the other driver who hit me was on marijuana? Kerry: Well, you're asking me about accidents involving drivers who have marijuana in their system. Well, is it like a DUI case where somebody who's involved in a drunk driving accident is almost malicial in their accident. You can possibly get punitive damages. We don't know the answer to that. The reason we don't know the answer to that is because it's so new. Marijuana consumption is now legal under many circumstances. Is driving a car, after you've consumed marijuana, legal? It is as long as it doesn't impair your ability to drive. At what level does it involve your ability to drive and impair your ability to drive? That's still the big unknown. It's unknown because there aren't studies of scientists who've measured drivers at certain levels of ingestation to make a determination that you're under the influence for purposes of driving and therefore you're akin to a drunk driver. But I want you to know that we know how to handle those situations if you come to us early because evidence has a way of dissipating. We know how to capture evidence. We know how to get a blood alcohol level that'll take the nanogram level of the driver and we can relate it to some of the things that we know and we can . . . if you're injured by somebody who's ingested marijuana and driving a vehicle, that jury is going to make a determination of how much you should be awarded. And we know how to make that driver held responsible and responsible for the fact that they ingested marijuana and went out and drove a vehicle capable of inflicting tremendous damage. So, yes, you have a case. And we know how to develop that case. George: Good point, Kerry. And also, we don't even, it's so new, we don't even know if versus smoking, or versus ingesting it in candy, or some other form, and how that affects the metabolism of the body. Kerry: Yes. I forgot to talk about that. But you're right. George: Right. Kerry: Get yourself in the hands of a lawyer who knows this area of law.