Opposition's Insurance Company

Tips For Dealing with Insurance Adjusters


We can provide many tips for dealing with insurance adjusters after an accident, but the most important is to refuse to speak to anyone representing the at-fault party. The statement you provide can be used against you unless you hire a car accident attorney who can speak on your behalf. It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you have been in an accident so they can protect you from the opposition's insurance company, who will try to prove you were also at fault.

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Woman: Should I ever admit fault to anyone? George: Or should I talk to the adjuster? You have an obligation to give a statement to your own insurance company. That's an obligation you have under your policy. However, you don't have an obligation to talk to the insurance policy for the guy that hit you. So I would recommend not talking to the insurance company until you get a lawyer, and let the lawyer do the talking for you. Keep in mind, when the adjuster for the insurance company of the guy that hit your car, he's not doing it to help you. He's doing it to help his insured. So it's very important that you do not talk to the adjuster and you get to hire a lawyer and let them do your talking for you. That's what they're for. Kerry: How, how many times have we had it where a client comes in and said, "Yeah, I talked to the adjuster." Well, was it your own adjuster or the other guy's adjuster? "Well, geez, I don't know." You know, it happens. Insurance companies call you up and say, "Okay, I'm an adjuster. I need to know what happened." And you talk freely without thinking. But that mistake won't happen if you get a lawyer involved at inception because a lawyer will tell you what to expect and who to talk to and notify those who shouldn't be talking to you not to talk to you without going through the lawyer first. So, you're really not well-equipped to deal with a situation like this, most people aren't. Hire a lawyer, get a lawyer involved. It's not going to cost you anything to engage the lawyer's services if the lawyer takes your case. George: And Kerry, another thing is, when you give a statement to the opposition insurance company, that statement is frozen in time. That is what they're always going to go back to. Because if you make a mistake, if you're not sure about something, they're going to exploit that to their benefit and your detriment. Kerry: That's right.