DUI Accident

A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Collect Compensation


If you have been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to significant compensation. We understand the complex laws surrounding these cases and can pursue the recovery that you deserve. A DUI lawyer with our firm can help you rebuild your life after suffering losses due to another driver's negligence.

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Woman: Today, let's talk about DUI accidents. Kerry: DUI accidents are something I know quite a bit about. We do quite a few DUI related accidents. And DUI accidents fall into a different category of car accidents, because when you have alcohol involved everyone knows how alcohol affects judgment, impairs your ability to have motor function, and because of that knowledge that's ubiquitous. Everybody knows that a different set of rules apply. And sometimes because somebody damages you, or hurts you who is a drunk driver, they have to pay for your injuries like all automobile accidents, but they can pay punitive damages, because the nature of their conduct is so egregious that you're entitled to more than just fair, and ordinary recovery for your damages. They almost willfully put you in the position of being a target of their behavior. So DUI accidents, if you're involved in a DUI accident, if you're a victim of a DUI driver, you're a victim of a DUI driver, come to us, please. You'll get a recovery that you're satisfied with because we will make them pay. George: And, Kerry, one more important thing also. This is where you actually can make a difference at the scene. Any witnesses, if you think that someone is under the influence, talk to the police about it, have them talk to the person who you suspect might have been drunk driving. But the important thing is get photographs and get witnesses that could back up the claim because if you get a drunk driver, there are certain advantages to your claim in regard to your insurance company that's going to help in the long run to get what you deserve. Kerry: As in all accidents, preservation of evidence. George: Right. Absolutely.