Traumatic Brain Injury

A Brain Injury Attorney Can Help You Prove Your Condition in Court


It can be very difficult to prove your traumatic brain injury. You need a brain injury attorney to help you prove the injury and the impact it has had on your life. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered compensation for many clients by gathering witness statements and other information to build these types of cases.

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Woman: How about traumatic brain injury? Kerry: Well, you asked me about traumatic brain injury, I don't know if you know, but over 1.7 million people every year, are afflicted with some kind of traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident. George: And you know, Kerry, half of those traumatic brain injuries come from auto accidents, and it's important to also understand that initially, you might not know you have a traumatic brain injury. It's something you have to watch symptoms, you have to watch something that's different about your body, something that's different about what's going on because it could develop over time. Kerry: That's a good point, that's an incredibly good point because many times as people are injured and they otherwise appear to be just fine, they go about living their life, but you know what? It takes a situation to trigger an event that's uncharacteristic of that person and it may take some period of time until you say, "Wait a minute, they recovered from the injury, but they really haven't recovered wholly from what happened." And that's the kind of thing you have to look at and you have to be sensitive to, and as a law firm, we're quite apt to spotting those and handling them and getting a very fair compensation for you. George: And you got to watch out because a lot of times insurance carriers don't buy it because it happens sometime after the accident happens. They're very myopic when it comes time to what fits into their box. So a lot of times you need to prove to them, that the traumatic brain injury is actually there and you need a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Kerry: Also, along that line, George, how many times do we have a traumatic brain injury that comes in and right away we need medical experts? George: Right, exactly. Kerry: The important thing sometimes, is to get treatment right away, with key top professional medical treatment, and get a team of investigators, reconstructionists on whatever it was that caused that accident that triggered that traumatic brain injury.