Child Injuries

Seek Justice with a Child Injury Attorney


When your child has been injured due to another person's negligence, it can be overwhelming. A child injury attorney can help you hold the responsible party accountable and collect the compensation you are owed. We understand the difficulty your family is facing during this time and can help ensure that justice is upheld.

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Woman: Next, let's talk about child injuries. Kerry: Well, when you're talking about child injuries, they come in many facets and forms, and we've had everything from injuries on a playground to injuries from those who were involved in an auto accident. But children are different in a sense that they're in a different category. The law looks at them typically as if they're not capable of making their own decisions as far as how to take care of compensation for their injuries, and what might occur in the future. So there are special rules in place when you're working with a child injury case. And often times, George how many times to we have to go to court to get the judge's approval for child injury cases? Pretty much routinely. George: Exactly, I think part of that is that the courts want to make sure that the child is being taken care of medically, and their health is protected, and they want to make sure that all the money that's going to be paid is going to be paid out and making sure that the child is probably taken care of. Kerry: That's right. So if you have a child that's injured in an automobile accident, on a playground, somehow, someway through some other occasion, go to an attorney that really does a lot of child injury cases. We know exactly what to do with child injury cases, but be aware also that every case is unique, particular, and different. So we've got to gather all the facts, and you have to educate us on the situation so we can help you.