An Experienced Stair Accident Attorney Can Assist in Proving Negligence to Secure Compensation

We understand the ramifications of stair accidents, and our attorneys will work effectively to establish negligence to help you reach a proper settlement or jury award. Stair accidents can cause serious injuries, which can result in extensive medical bills. Whether your injury occurred on commercial or residential property, a stair accident attorney at our San Diego, CA, law firm will work to ensure you are appropriately compensated for your injuries. 

Consequences of Stair Accidents

Stair accidents can result in injuries ranging from minor to severe. Minor injuries typically include soft tissue injuries such as bruises or sprains. While you will still need to file insurance claims, you probably do not need an attorney, as their fees could outweigh any potential settlement you receive. However, stair accidents can also cause far more serious injuries and can even be fatal. Serious injuries may include: 

Man running up a staircase

Stairs are inherently more dangerous than level surfaces. But they can also harbor hidden dangers such as worn carpet, improper height or depth, and slippery surfaces.

It is important to seek medical treatment immediately following such an accident, even if your injuries appear minor. Doing so creates a record of your injuries and correlates them to the cause (for example, a broken step). The more severe the injuries you suffer, the more damages you incur.

Stair accidents can cause serious injuries, which can result in extensive medical bills.

In addition to your physical and emotional pain and suffering, you will also have medical bills related to the diagnosis and treatment of your injuries. You may also have additional expenses such as crutches, a wheelchair, and medications. Your injury may also prevent you from returning to work, causing you to use up your sick time and vacation days, and you may even have to take several days or more without pay. 

Working with a Skilled Stair Accident Attorney

Proving Negligence

If you suffered more serious injuries, you should consult with an attorney. Premises liability laws are designed to protect people from owners who fail to maintain their property. These laws also dictate that it is the victim’s burden to prove that the property owner was negligent. To do that, we must gather sufficient evidence. Our attorneys will gather the following evidence to provide the necessary proof to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. 

  • We will take photographs and video of the scene of the accident. This will include images of the broken or otherwise damaged steps or handrails. 
  • Our attorneys will gather witness statements from those who witnessed your fall, as well as from those who can verify your presence in the building. 
  • We will speak with building employees (or tenants if the property is residential) and any other staff. In some cases, they may admit that the broken step was reported and they had not gotten around to fixing it yet. This is an “admission against interest” and is strong evidence in such a case.

Insurance Claims Adjusters

After a stair accident, a claim is filed with the property owner’s insurance company. A claims adjuster will contact you, and it is their primary job to settle the claim in the insurance company’s interests. This means settling the claim for far less than you deserve. As your attorneys, we can negotiate with the claims adjusters on your behalf and provide them with all the evidence gathered against the property owner to maximize your settlement. If necessary, we will file suit against the property owner and insurance company to get you the award you deserve. 

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