A Skilled Daycare Accident Lawyer Will Protect Your Child’s Rights

When daycare accidents occur due to improper supervision, our lawyers can help you prove negligent behavior and recover the compensation to which you are entitled. Although daycare accidents are uncommon, they do still happen. An accident may result from inattentive or negligent staff, or from oversight in safety measures. The injuries your child sustains may range from moderate to severe, and can cause both physical and emotional trauma. Our daycare accident lawyers in San Diego, CA, understand the daycare’s duty of care and your child’s rights. We will work diligently to ensure those rights are protected. 

How Accidents Happen in Daycare

Daycare accidents may result from a variety of factors, including: 

  • Inadequate supervision
  • Unsafe playground equipment and other toys
  • Unsanitary conditions

Young child wearing a cast

A daycare lawyer can establish a claim for negligence by proving the day care breached its duty of care, which led to your child's injury.

A daycare accident could include a fall from playground equipment resulting in a broken arm, or unsanitary conditions that render your child extremely ill. While some accidents may result in less severe injuries, others may require a doctor or emergency room visit, and even a hospital stay. The injury itself is already traumatic for the child. Being in an emergency or having to stay in a hospital overnight could cause even more trauma. 

What to Do if Your Child was Injured at Daycare

If your child was injured at daycare, you should seek immediate medical treatment. The records from this treatment are used in your claim to document your expenses and the extent of your child’s injuries. This allows us to estimate your child’s pain and suffering. We recommend working with one of our experienced attorneys to help you gather the necessary evidence to prove that the daycare was negligent. 

The injuries your child sustains may range from moderate to severe, and can cause both physical and emotional trauma.

We will carefully analyze the cause of your child’s injury and the circumstances under which it occurred. In doing so, we can better determine if the daycare staff was inattentive, or if the injury was preventable, making the daycare negligent. 

Protect Your Child’s Rights with a Skilled Daycare Accident Lawyer

Daycare accident claims are first submitted to the day care’s insurance company. This makes working with an attorney all the more important. Insurance companies may attempt to settle your claim for far less than it is actually worth. With one of our attorneys by your side, we can ensure that the insurance company does not try to shortchange you. If they refuse to settle your claim for an appropriate amount, we can then file a lawsuit. Because statutes of limitations are applicable, we have just two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.

Our attorneys will ensure that if a lawsuit is deemed necessary, we will file the suit within these time constraints to ensure that you and your child receive the compensation you deserve. We will pursue damages for your medical expenses and the physical and emotional trauma your child has suffered as a result of his or her injuries.

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If your child suffered an injury at daycare and you suspect the injury was a result of negligence, contact our law office today to book a free consultation. Our attorneys will carefully review your case and discuss your options for taking legal action against the day care. We want to ensure your child’s rights are not violated by a negligent daycare facility.