A Construction Accidents Attorney Can Help, No Matter What Type of Injury You Have Sustained

Construction sites can be quite hazardous. Exposure to heights, heavy machinery, and electrical equipment all pose significant risks. Therefore, there are many types of construction accidents. These incidents can include falls, damage from falling objects, explosions, and vehicle accidents. A construction accidents attorney at our San Diego, CA, firm can determine the right course of action, no matter what your specific injuries. With their skill and expertise, they can help you reach a fair settlement. At San Diego Injury Lawyer, we can often recover large sums for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional damage. This compensation could also help support dependents, if you are permanently unable to work. 

Construction worker holding a hardhat

A construction accident attorney can help determine whether you have a basis to obtain compensation in addition to your workers' compensation

Common Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can vary significantly. Nevertheless, victims are more likely to experience the following types of injuries.

  • Falls: If scaffolds are not maintained, or if safety harnesses are not provided, workers could fall from a significant height.
  • Injuries from falling objects: Just as workers should be restrained when working up high, equipment should also be strapped down. If a tool falls from a scaffold, it can cause serious injury to someone below.
  • Being struck or crushed by a construction vehicle: Large pieces of equipment can strike personnel or pin them against another object.
  • Burns and/or electrocution: Employees can sustain serious injury due to gas leaks, explosions, and exposed wiring.
  • Injuries from a collapsed trench: Trenches are an important part of many construction sites. However, if a trench collapses while people are inside, they may be trapped below. Victims could also sustain injury from falling equipment or debris.
  • Overuse: Making the same motions over and over can lead to joint damage, back pain, muscle inflammation, and many other problems.
  • Exhaustion: Long hours, heat, and high humidity can be just as damaging as falling objects. In these conditions, workers could collapse, suffer heat stroke, and even sustain organ damage.
  • Respiratory disease: Breathing in dust, asbestos, silica, and other substances for many years can take a serious toll on the lungs.
In many cases, construction personnel will also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after an accident.

The Lasting Effects of Construction Accidents

The events described above can cause notable or even catastrophic injuries. These can include:

In many cases, construction personnel will also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after an accident. Psychological damage may be related to their own injuries. Alternatively, it could arise after witnessing someone else fall victim to a serious accident. In the gravest cases, construction accidents result in wrongful death.

Choose San Diego Injury Lawyer for All Types of Construction Accidents

Whatever your accident, our attorneys are ready to help. In many instances, you may be unable to return to work, and even with insurance and worker’s compensation, it can be difficult to make ends meet. On top of the costs of daily living, you will also face the expenses of medical care, counselling, and physical therapy. Our lawyers will investigate your case and talk to your medical team. Then they can establish liability for your construction accident and calculate the damages to which you are entitled. They will first fight for just compensation through negotiation. However, if required, they are willing to go to court. We have been ranked among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers. When you choose our firm, you can be assured of truly superior representation.

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