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Our team of experienced lawyers have worked alongside injured construction workers many times, and we can investigate the unsafe work conditions caused by improper maintenance, staffing, or other issues that led to your injury. Accidents involving operating equipment can lead to serious and even permanently debilitating injuries for construction workers. Lack of maintenance and even wrongdoing can all lead to injuries caused by malfunctioning equipment. At San Diego Injury Lawyer in California, a construction equipment injury attorney will investigate to determine and establish liability and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

A backhoe at a construction site

When employers fail to provide necessary measures for the safe use of operating equipment, workers can suffer serious injuries because of their negligence.

Causes of Accidents Involving Operating Equipment

There are several important factors that can prevent accidents involving operating equipment. First, employers must ensure all equipment is properly maintained and address issues as they arise. Second, employers must train all employees on the proper use of such equipment to avoid serious injuries. In addition to safety training, employers must also provide workers with the proper safety gear.

Accidents involving operating equipment can lead to serious and even permanently debilitating injuries for construction workers.

While improper equipment maintenance is one of the leading causes of accidents, lack of training and safety gear are also common. In some cases, injuries can result when large jobs are not properly staffed. In many of these cases, the blame lies at least partially with the employer. In some cases, the injured worker or another worker could also be at fault.

Establishing Liability

A thorough investigation is necessary when determining and establishing liability. At San Diego Injury Lawyer, our team investigates these cases by looking for lacking maintenance or safety precautions that might have caused the accident. We will also speak to any witnesses to the accident. Witnesses can provide important insight, especially if safety precautions were not taken or if there were not enough people working a job.

We will collect all the evidence and use it to hold a negligent construction company accountable for your injuries. Because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, even if you are partially at fault, you can still collect medical benefits and reimbursement for lost wages. Workers’ compensation is not always the most appropriate avenue after a construction accident. Our attorneys will help you determine whether you should file a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim to ensure you receive the fullest compensation possible.

How San Diego Injury Lawyer Can Help

At San Diego Injury Lawyer, we are fearless in the face of large construction companies. If a negligent company is refusing to provide you with the compensation you deserve, we will make sure they are held accountable. We are experienced trial lawyers who have secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients. We understand the devastating impact a construction accident injury can have on a worker, and we will ensure a negligent employer does, too.

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