Establishing Liability in Burn Injury Accidents

Burn injuries can have catastrophic and lifelong effects on victims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a burn accident, you may face steep medical bills, a temporary or long-term loss of income, and a significant change in lifestyle. Establishing liability in burn injury accidents is essential for seeking compensation to face the future. Our San Diego, CA, personal injury attorneys can investigate all aspects of your accident. After determining the party responsible for your injuries, they can fight tirelessly to help you obtain the damages to which you are entitled. Contact our firm today for a free case evaluation. We can provide compassionate, proven legal counsel to help you understand all of your options.

About Burn Injuries

Burn injuries occur when heat, fire, or chemicals destroy skin cells, leaving permanent damage. First and second degree burns are relatively minor and will usually heal on their own. However, third degree burns will affect all layers of the skin, can leave significant scarring, and can even affect movement and bodily functions. In the most serious cases, fourth degree burns will damage muscle and bone, as well as skin.

There are many different causes of burn injuries and it can be difficult to establish liability in these cases. It is essential that you work with a proven team of personal injury lawyers to help you seek restitution.

We know that you are your family are going through a very trying time and offer compassionate legal assistance to let you focus on recovery.

Liability in Burn Injury Cases

Far too often, burn injuries occur because of someone else’s rash or negligent behavior. To establish liability, your attorney can take several different approaches, based on the exact conditions of your case.

  • Car accidents: We will consult with police and eye witnesses when determining liability for your accident. If needed, we can even work with an accident reconstruction specialist to find out exactly what happened.
  • Product liability: A defective product can cause burns because it may be improperly manufactured, poorly designed, marketed for the wrong purpose, or may come with insufficient warning labels or directions. Injuries caused by excessively hot foods and beverages are also classified as product liability cases. The designer, manufacturer, or even the retailer may be at fault, depending on the type of defect. We can thoroughly investigate your accident and similar claims to determine who is responsible. 
  • Workplace accident: If your accident occurred at work, there are several parties who may be at fault. Your employer could be responsible if they failed to uphold proper safety protocols or provide protective equipment. In other instances, a workplace accident could be the result of a defective product or machinery.
  • Premises liability: If a property owner did not maintain appropriate safety standards, they may be responsible for your personal injury. Faulty wiring and lack of a sprinkler system are two examples of this type of negligence. To prove liability we can help establish that the property owner knew about the unsafe conditions or had reasonable cause to know. 

Photo of charred, burning wiring
Defective products often lead to burn injuries.

The Importance of Expert Legal Counsel

It can be difficult to establish liability for a burn accident, especially on your own. For this reason, it is vital that you work with an experienced attorney. Our lawyers specialize in personal injury cases, including catastrophic injuries. We know that you are your family are going through a very trying time and offer compassionate legal assistance to let you focus on recovery. At the same time, we are aggressive in negotiation and litigation, and are dedicated to helping each and every client succeed.

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