Causes of Burn Injuries Can Include Defective Products, Workplace Accidents, and More

Burn injuries can have devastating effects for the victim and their loved ones. Not only can the damage cause severe discomfort, but it can also lead to lasting disfigurement and disability. Burn injuries can occur for many reasons, including faulty appliances, workplace accidents, and neglected properties, among others. No matter the extent or causes of burn injuries that have affected you, our San Diego, CA, attorneys are ready to help. After investigating every aspect of the accident, we can build a strong legal case to help seek financial compensation for burn victims and their families. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin fighting for you. 

The Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are one of the most serious types of catastrophic injuries. Burns occur when heat, electrical energy, or chemicals damage the skin cells, causing them to die. There are several types of burns, varying in severity.

  • First degree burns: First degree burns are not typically serious and will heal on their own in a few days. Most sunburns are classified as first degree burns.
  • Second degree burns: Second degree burns will destroy the first layer of skin and damage the second layer. Blisters may develop, but the injuries typically heal within a few weeks.
  • Third degree burns: Third degree burns are quite serious. They affect every layer of skin and can leave it charred, blackened, or marked with white patches. Healing time for third degree burns is indefinite. Without surgery, victims will be left with significant scarring.
  • Fourth degree burns: Fourth degree burns are the most severe types of injuries. These burns affect not only the skin, but the muscle, ligaments, and bone, as well.  
Illustration of a first degree burnIllustration of a second degree burnIllustration of a third degree burn

Common Causes of Serious Burns

Serious burns can occur for many reasons. The largest number of burn injuries result from contact with hot surfaces. However, another large portion take place when victims are scalded by a hot liquid. The rest occur typically because of electrical or chemical accidents. All types of burns can take place in a variety of circumstances and environments throughout your life.

Faulty Appliances

Defective products in the home are a common cause of burn injuries. A faulty stove or microwave oven can cause devastating fires.  A malfunctioning hot water heater can also lead to scalding, often across much of the body. Electrical products or damaged wiring can also cause injury. Other products may come with insufficient warnings about hot surfaces that lead to serious contact burns.

Workplace Accidents

Burns can occur in wide range of work environments, but are more common in a factory, research facility, or similar locations. Workplace burns may involve injuries due to open flames. More frequently, however, they result because of faulty equipment or chemical exposure.

Car Accidents

If a car catches on fire following a collision, you may have experienced severe burns. These injuries can be especially grave if you were trapped or pinned inside the vehicle. Speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving can all lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Food and Drink Burns

Restaurants, coffee shops, and other service providers have a responsibility to their patrons' safety. Food and drink should be served at optimal temperatures, however, some food services overheat their products. If you have been injured because of food or drink served at scalding temperatures, you may be entitled to compensation.

Premises Liability Accidents

Burns can unexpectedly occur on another person's property at no fault of your own. Open flames at a restaurant, outdated appliances that become overheated, or unsafe wiring can all cause serious burns. A property owner may also be held responsible for your injuries if they failed to install proper preventive measures or were negligent in maintaining the premises or appliances.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can be just as serious as other types of injuries. If swallowed, chemicals can also cause severe damage to your internal organs. Topical products can also cause severe damage to your skin if you are allergic to the contents, or the ingredients were not properly prepared by the manufacturer.

Our attorneys can interview witnesses, your medical team, and other experts to determine the facts surrounding your injury.

Determining Liability Based on the Cause of Your Injury

When determining who was at fault for your burn, the courts will largely consider the cause of your injury. If your burn was due to a workplace accident, your employer may be held liable. A restaurant or café owner could be responsible for a premises liability burn or one involving hot foods or beverages. Our attorneys can interview witnesses, your medical team, and other experts to determine the facts surrounding your injury. We can help you build a strong case to aggressively seek the compensation you deserve. 

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