Obtain Significant Financial Compensation with The Assistance of a Quadriplegia Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in quadriplegia following an accident, it has obviously taken a huge toll on your entire family. A quadriplegia lawyer at our San Diego, CA, firm understands the physical and financial hardships that these injuries will cause. We believe that you deserve significant financial compensation, especially if you are the victim of negligent or reckless behavior. Therefore, at San Diego Injury Lawyer, we will provide experienced representation without any upfront fees. Because quadriplegia involves life-altering injuries and expenses, settlements often reach several million dollars.

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As the most severe form of paralysis, quadriplegia can cause permanent disability and significantly impact every part of your life.

What Is Quadriplegia?

Quadriplegia is a catastrophic injury resulting from damage high up on the spinal cord. When the nerves that run through the spine are compromised, victims will lose feeling and movement below their injuries. Often, their limbs will be fully or partially paralyzed. Nevertheless, select patients could still retain some normal strength and motion. In other cases, however, quadriplegia will affect all movement, including sexual performance, as well as bowel and bladder function. In the most severe instances, patients will not be able to breathe without assistance from a respirator.

We are intimately familiar with California injury law and with the medical effects of quadriplegia.

Certain medical conditions can cause quadriplegia. Most often, however, it is the result of a serious accident. At San Diego Injury Lawyer, we represent quadriplegia patients who are the victims of:

Financial Costs Associated with Quadriplegia

When victims are initially diagnosed with quadriplegia, they frequently think first about the effects that their injury will have on their quality of life. However, they quickly realize the enormous financial burdens that they would face as well. A personal injury lawsuit can help recover money for the following related expenses:

  • Hospitalization and ambulance transportation
  • Doctors' bills
  • Modifications to your home and/or vehicle
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Treatment for depression, PTSD, and similar concerns
  • Live-in assistance or long-term medical care
  • Lost wages (including lifelong financial support and support for your dependents)
  • Loss of consortium (damages paid to your spouse if you are unable to engage in sexual activities or have children)

Why Choose a Quadriplegia Lawyer at Our Firm?

At San Diego Injury Lawyer, our attorneys are highly experienced. We are intimately familiar with California injury law and with the medical effects of quadriplegia. For over 30 years, we have represented many victims of catastrophic injuries and have obtained millions of dollars for our clients. In addition, we are committed to compassionate legal representation. We understand that you are dealing with tragic circumstances and that you are already feeling overwhelmed. We will handle all the details of your case ourselves. That way, you do not have to deal with further stress and difficulties. Additionally, we work on a contingency basis. We do not want you to be concerned about the cost of waging a lawsuit. Therefore, we will not charge you any fees unless we win your case.

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We recognize that even a large sum of money will not restore your health or allow you to return to your previous lifestyle. However, your compensation can alleviate financial strain, covering medical bills, lost wages, and related costs. With our compassionate approach, we will make this difficult time as easy as possible. Contact our firm and let us begin building a strong case on your behalf.