Our Semi Truck Accident Attorney Can Handle All Types of Accidents

Our semi truck accident attorney will always push to gain maximum compensation for you following a truck accident but may take different approaches to building your case based on the way the accident occurred and who is to blame. These accidents are generally more complex than other types of motor vehicle accidents due to the different parties involved and the extent of damages and injuries. Regardless of the cause, our attorneys will build a strong case against whoever is responsible to ensure you receive full compensation. Contact our San Diego, CA, law firm today to find out how we can help.

Common Types of Truck Accidents


Jackknifing occurs when the weight of a trailer pushes the cab of a truck until the two are folded together at an angle (similar to a pocket knife). There are a number of potential causes for jackknifing, including icy road conditions and faulty brakes. Our attorneys will investigate the cause of the jackknifing and assign fault based on the degree of control the truck driver had.

Regardless of the cause, our attorneys will build a strong case against whoever is responsible to ensure you receive full compensation.

Commercial truck on its side

Our roadways are filled with commercial trucks. A number of them will inevitably be involved in different types of serious accidents. 


The risk of rollover accidents is high with semi trucks and can be caused by wind, road conditions, or reckless driving. Our firm will thoroughly investigate the crash to determine whether the driver could have prevented the rollover accident. If it was preventable, the driver will be held liable for damages.

Exceeding Weight Capacity

State and federal regulations have strict guidelines regarding the weight capacity of semi trucks. Drivers who do not comply with these guidelines may compromise their ability to stop on hills. Excess weight could also contribute to rollover accidents. Our attorneys will determine whether the driver deliberately ignored the weight guidelines that led to an accident.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations such as speeding can lead to serious accidents, especially since semi trucks take a lot longer to slow down. Our attorneys will investigate any traffic violations and use the evidence to bolster your case, holding the truck driver mostly or entirely liable.

Drunk Driving

Despite stricter regulations for truckers regarding blood alcohol content (BAC), drunk driving is still a common cause of truck accidents. In cases such as this, where the driver has acted in gross negligence, our firm will pursue punitive damages as additional punishment for the driver.

Faulty Equipment

Liability for faulty equipment can fall on truck drivers or trucking companies for failing to have regular maintenance and inspections performed. Fault may also lie with the manufacturer for distributing faulty parts and failing to address the problem with a recall.

Road and Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, weather conditions are a major contributing factor in all types of accidents. Even if road and weather conditions caused the accident, our attorneys will determine fault based on whether the truck driver took appropriate precautions.

Building a Case Against Negligent Parties

At San Diego Injury Lawyer, we offer strong representation with more than 30 years of experience. We are fearless in the face of trucking companies with large legal teams and will work diligently to ensure you are compensated for your injuries.

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