Putting Trucking Accident Statistics into Perspective

The sheer size and weight of commercial trucks means they can wreak catastrophic havoc on other cars when involved in an accident. To help shed light on the dangers of trucking accidents, there are a number of truck accidents statistics that prove eye-opening for many of our clients. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a truck accident, you can trust San Diego Injury Lawyer, lead by Kerry Steigerwalt, to provide strong legal counsel and help deliver justice from our San Diego, CA, practice.

Understanding the scope of Trucking Accidents

Most of us pass commercial trucks on the road every day as we commute. These large vehicles are necessary for our economy, transporting cargo around the country and into every neighborhood. Despite the necessity of commercial trucks, their prevalence does not go without very serious drawbacks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2015, large trucks were involved in approximately:

  • 433,000 reported crashes

  • 116,000 crashes with injuries

  • 4,067 fatal crashes

California residents have additional reason for concern. Statistics confirm that in the last 10 years, California has had the highest number of recorded truck accidents, followed by Texas and Florida.

The Top Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

About 90 percent of commercial truck accidents are caused, or made worse, by human error. Approximately 20 percent of trucking accidents are due to the truck driver’s negligence. The majority of accidents, about 70 percent, are due to error on the part of the driver of smaller passenger cars. Leading causes of semi truck accidents involving driver error include prescription drug use, speeding, over-the-counter drug use, driver fatigue, alcohol, and illegal drug use.

Truck Mechanical Failures

While driver error represents the most significant contributor to trucking accidents, mechanical failure can also be to blame. The most frequent trucking equipment problems include:

  1. Tires 
  2. Jump or pull start 
  3. Airline or hose 
  4. Alternator 
  5. Wiring 

In cases of mechanical issue or failure, trucking companies and manufacturers may be held responsible to ensure higher standards are maintained in the future.

The presence of commercial trucks on our nation's roads remains strong, and so does the risk for trucking accidents.

The Growing Demand for Commercial Trucks

With the ever-growing demand for delivered goods, the commercial trucking industry continues to expand year after year. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the trucking industry expects growth up to 21 percent through 2020.

Trucking industry information estimates that the robust U.S. trucking industry:

  • Employs approximately 7.1 million people

  • Employs approximately 3.5 million truck drivers

  • 432 billion miles are logged annually

  • Produces over $726 billion in revenue annually

These statistics only confirm what many of us observe; the presence of commercial trucks on our nation's roads remains strong, and so does the risk for trucking accidents.

Legal Representation for trucking accident victims

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