California Trucking Regulations

Commercial truck drivers and companies are held to strict rules and regulations. If these parties break those laws or fail to meet specified safety requirements, serious accidents can occur, resulting in injury and losses for innocent victims. In these situations, the driver or trucking company can be held liable for resulting damages. Our experienced team in San Diego, CA, understand all California trucking regulations and can help you determine how to pursue deserved compensation after a trucking accident. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a semi or other large commercial truck, contact San Diego Injury Lawyer today to discuss your legal options.

California Trucking Regulations

Photo of two trucks on a highwayThe majority of federal trucking regulations are set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation. These regulations include details about driver safety and rest requirements, proper training and qualifications, limits on vehicle loads, and more. There are some areas where states have applied their own regulations to improve safety. The California Department of Transportation's Office of Trucks and Services governs all rules and regulations regarding large trucks in the state. Other state agencies also play a role, including:

Filing a Claim Against a Negligent Truck Driver

If a truck driver acted negligently or in an unsafe manner and caused an accident that resulted in injuries to yourself or a loved one, you can file a claim against that trucker. In some situations, the trucking company can be held liable for failing to maintain trucks, improper training requirements, and other forms of negligence. However, these cases can become extremely complex and involve multiple parties and legal teams. It is essential that you find an attorney who has a firm grasp on both the state and federal trucking laws.

Our attorneys understand the time-sensitive nature of truck accident cases and can work efficiently to gather all evidence within these time constraints. 

The timing of your claim is particularly important with trucking lawsuits. Regulations do not require drivers to preserve detailed logs for extended period of time. Usually after a period of six months or so, these logs, which may contain valuable evidence, are destroyed. Our attorneys understand the time-sensitive nature of truck accident cases and can work efficiently to gather all evidence within these time constraints. We can establish a strong case against the negligent party in order to seek full compensation for your injuries and losses.

Understand Your Legal Options

If you were injured in an accident involving a large truck, contact our law firm online or call (858) 413-9228 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our team can explain all of your legal options and fight to protect your interests.