Our Aggressive Truck Driver Lawyer Can Hold Drivers and Trucking Companies Accountable

The aggressive and reckless actions of a truck driver on the road can cause significant damage. Our aggressive truck driver lawyer can help you hold a truck driver—and often the company behind them—accountable for the damage they caused to you, your loved ones, and your property. We understand the devastating effects an accident can have on victims and their families, and we will fight for your right to compensation for the damage caused. We have represented countless victims just like you over the past 30 years and have successfully recovered millions in settlements for our clients. Contact our law office in San Diego, CA, to get the personal attention your case needs.

Accidents Caused by Aggressive Truck Driving

Aggressive driving can lead to serious injuries for victims involved in an accident. Truckers who do any of the following are driving aggressively and can cause an accident.

  • Cutting off other drivers
  • Pushing other drivers off the road, even when there is no shoulder
  • Speeding in general, and speeding around other vehicles
  • Running a red light

Victims of these accidents are often left with severe, life-threatening injuries. Many must deal with permanent damage, such as partial or total paralysis. The medical expenses victims accrue, on top of their inability to work, places an undue financial burden upon them.

A truck and a car in an accident

Commercial trucks have the potential to cause significant injury and damage when driven by aggressive drivers.

Holding Aggressive Drivers Accountable

In order to hold the driver accountable for the accident, you must provide proof that he or she was driving aggressively. This is no easy task and is best left to a team of expert attorneys such as ours. We will investigate the accident to the fullest extent, gathering proof of the driver’s aggressive behaviors.

In order to hold the driver accountable for the accident, you must provide proof that he or she was driving aggressively.

Any evidence of traffic violations will bolster our case against the aggressive truck driver. We will assign liability to ensure he or she is held responsible for the damages caused. If the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, we may also pursue punitive damages.

Holding the Trucking Company Responsible

In some cases, we can also hold the trucking company partially liable for the accident and your damages. In general, the best way to ensure the truck company is held responsible is to investigate the truck driver’s driving record. If the driver had a history of aggressive driving or traffic violations, we can hold the trucking company responsible for employing a driver with a poor driving record.

At San Diego Injury Lawyer, we are not afraid to take on large trucking companies. Whether they are defending themselves or they are standing behind the truck driver’s actions, we will build a strong case proving their fault. Our attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve from all responsible parties.

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