We Represent Victims of Left Turn Accidents

Drivers are expected to only proceed with a left turn when it is completely safe to do so. When drivers are careless, the resulting accidents are often very serious. Our attorneys can prove fault in left turn accidents and help injured clients collect compensation. We believe that irresponsible drivers who place the lives of others in danger should be held responsible. Lead counsel Kerry Steigerwalt's team of attorneys in San Diego, CA, can help you rebuild your life in the wake of an accident. 

Common Causes of Left Turn Accidents 

Making a left turn or legal u-turn is considered one of the most dangerous driving maneuvers one can make. When executed incorrectly, these accidents can lead to catastrophic injury or even fatality. Typically, left turn motor vehicle accidents are caused by: 

Some drivers have blamed their unsafe turn on the driver behind them honking their horn, causing them to prematurely commence the turn. However, it is each driver's individual responsibility to ensure that they do not make a left turn until it is absolutely safe.

Determining Liability 

According to California law, the driver of a vehicle intending to turn left must yield "to all vehicles approaching from the opposite direction which are close enough to constitute a hazard at any time during the turning movement". Drivers completing the turn are also expected to clearly signal their intent to make the turn.

However, there are some exceptions. If a driver began turning left and it was reasonably safe to do so, but something occurred to stop or slow down their turn, they may not be held liable for the accident.  On the other hand, if the driver has already initiated the turn after properly yielding, it is the responsibility of approaching traffic to give them the right of way.  In addition, the approaching driver may be at fault if he or she was speeding or ran a red light. It is also expected that each driver involved should have exercised reasonable care to avoid the accident.

How Can We Help You? 

Our car accident attorneys have helped many victims of car accidents prove liability by analyzing the accident report, damage to the vehicles, witness statements, and other evidence.

We believe that irresponsible drivers who place the lives of others in danger should be held responsible.

We can use this information to prove fault. It can also be used for rebuilding the scene of the accident if it is not immediately clear who is at fault. We regularly represent clients injured in accidents involving commercial vehicles, drunk drivers, bicyclists, and motorcycles. Our team can accurately evaluate your accident, provide knowledgeable legal counsel, and represent you in court.


The injuries and trauma resulting from a serious car accident can have both an immediate and long-term negative impact on many aspects of your life. Do not let the negligent party escape their responsibility to you. The attorneys at San Diego Injury Lawyer will fight to collect your due restitution. Contact us online or by phone at (858) 413-9228 to schedule a free consultation.