Establishing Liability in Dog Bite Cases

If you have been the unfortunate victim of an animal attack, our attorneys have the necessary experience to help secure compensation for your injuries. Establishing liability in dog bite cases can be simplified with the help of our San Diego, CA, personal injury attorneys. The laws are very clear concerning liability for these types of accidents, but navigating through the case and determining the appropriate amount of damages to pursue can be difficult on your own. Contact our office to schedule a complimentary case evaluation with one of our attorneys.

A dog biting a woman's arm


In California, the owner of an animal is held strictly liable for any attacks, provided that the victim was not trespassing on private property or provoking the animal. Provocation can include intentional actions, such as poking or beating the animal, or unintentional accidents, such as stepping on a dog's paws or tail. 

Strict liability extends to negligence as well. If an owner fails to restrain their pet or does not obey leash laws and the animal attacks, the owner will still be held responsible for any injuries that occur. 

Liability laws do not apply if the bite occurs while the dog is carrying out police or military duties. Strict liability also does not apply if the dog bites a veterinarian, dog trainer, kennel worker, or dog groomer. People working in these professions carry an assumed risk of animal bites.

Establishing Liability in Your Case

With strict liability laws in place, the responsibility for injuries falls on the owner of the animal in the majority of cases. However, there are exceptions to these laws and our attorneys can help you fight against large insurance companies to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. Depending on the exact situation and circumstances in which the injury occurred, liability may be based on other grounds.

With strict liability laws in place, the responsibility for injuries falls on the owner of the animal in the majority of cases.

Our attorneys know the laws pertaining to dog and other animal attacks. We can assist you in any type of case and help you determine the appropriate amount of damages to pursue. In addition to compensation for medical costs, you may be entitled to damages for lost wages if you were forced to miss work, or pain and suffering if your injury was severe. Our legal team can evaluate your condition and include future medical costs in your claim. 

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Even with strict liability laws in California, dog bite cases can still be difficult to navigate without the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. Each member of our legal team has the experience necessary to guide you through each stage of the lawsuit and advise you on key elements of your case. Please contact our office to arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys.