Dog Bite Compensation for Medical Expenses and Other Losses

Dog bites can be physically and emotionally scarring. California law states that pet owners are strictly responsible for any injuries or damages caused by their animals, so there is no need to prove liability in a dog bite case. However, many victims accept low settlement offers from insurance companies because they are unaware of the true extent to which dog bite compensation can cover their losses. An attorney with our San Diego, CA, law firm can help you understand the amount of compensation at stake, and help you to secure the maximum. If you have suffered a dog bite, please contact our firm to arrange a free consultation with one of our specialists.A vicious dog ready to attack

Damages in a Dog Bite Claim

Following an animal attack, you may be entitled to damages for physical and emotional suffering. Dog bites are typically covered by homeowner's or renter's insurance policies. The insurance companies frequently offer low settlement amounts to limit their financial responsibility, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who knows the true value of your claim.

Our attorneys have been helping the victims of dog bites and animal attacks for over 30 years.

Medical Bills

After being bitten by a dog, victims will commonly need immediate and costly medical attention. Depending on the nature of the injury, victims may also require hospital services, medication, physical therapy, surgical procedures, or psychological therapy.

It is important to consider your future medical costs as well. Many victims of dog bites will require medical attention for a prolonged period of time to regain their full health.

Loss of Income

If your injuries force you to take time away from work, or if they impair your ability to perform the normal duties of your job, the owner of the dog is responsible to compensate you for your lost income. 

Pain and Suffering

The emotional pain experienced after a dog bite is very real and can take a toll on your quality of life. For example, children who are attacked by an animal will commonly suffer from recurring nightmares and become terrified of dogs, even when they had no previous fear of animals. Victims deserve appropriate psychological counseling and compensation to cover the cost of treatment.

Experienced Guidance

Our attorneys have been helping the victims of dog bites and animal attacks for over 30 years. We can determine the appropriate amount of damages to pursue based on your injuries, current medical costs, and future expenses. 

All of our work is accepted on a contingency basis, which means we only collect a fee if we are successful in our pursuit of compensation. If we take your case, you can feel confident that we will prevail in the courtroom, or secure a just settlement.

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