Did You Suffer from Bair Hugger Complications?

Used to regulate body temperature during surgery, the Bair Hugger therapy system has also been associated with numerous side effects and permanent complications. Our experienced attorneys will help you take legal action to help you reach a fair settlement if you have suffered from Bair Hugger complications in the San Diego, CA, area. Numerous lawsuits have already been filed against the Bair Hugger manufacturer, 3M, and more are likely to follow. Despite the many studies showing the risks and complications associated with the products, 3M refuses to acknowledge such claims and issue a recall. Our attorneys will fight for your right to a fair and just settlement for the damages you have endured because of this defective medical device

What is the Bair Hugger?

The Bair Hugger was developed in the 1980s as a device to prevent hypothermia in patients undergoing surgery. Nearly all patients are at risk of developing hypothermia during surgical procedures, which can contribute to blood loss and infections. The Bair Hugger uses warming units, disposable blankets, and other accessories to reduce the risk of hypothermia. 

Despite the many studies showing the risks and complications associated with the products, 3M refuses to acknowledge such claims and issue a recall.

In 2010, 3M bought out the company that makes Bair Hugger and is the current manufacturer of the devices. Despite claims by patients, surgeons, and even the Bair Hugger inventor himself, that the device increases the risk of infection and other complications, 3M denies these claims. 

Bair Hugger Complications

Reports of Adverse Events

There are numerous complications associated with Bair Hugger, especially during orthopedic procedures. The primary complication reported is the development of deep joint infections. Studies have shown that a reduction in proper air flow and ventilation may allow for a transfer of bacteria into the surgical site, which can lead to infection. 

Man in hospital bed with nurse and doctor nearby

Bair Hugger is a forced air warming (FAW) blanket still widely used in surgery, even though it has been shown to spread bacteria linked to infections. 

Potential Side Effects Associated with an Infection

Infections acquired during surgery can have serious consequences. In addition to hindering recovery and requiring an extended hospital stay, an infection may cause:

  • Other health complications
  • The need for one or more revision surgeries
  • The need for amputation
  • Permanent disability
  • Death

These are serious, life-altering and life-threatening side effects. Although numerous reports of these adverse events have been filed with the FDA, there still has not been a product recall. Additionally, 3M has repeatedly refuted the notion that the Bair Hugger could cause such serious complications. 

Filing Your Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious infection as a result of the use of a Bair Hugger warming unit during surgery, our attorneys can help you take legal action. Although the number of lawsuits filed against 3M is growing, class action status has not yet been reached. That does not mean your case is not a worthy pursuit. Many of the lawsuits against 3M include claims that the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warning of the risks associated with the product. Lawsuits also claim that the company has misrepresented the product as inherently safe. 

Acting as your legal representation, we will develop a strong case and seek damages to compensate you for your financial hardships resulting from medical bills and time away from work. We will also seek damages for your emotional and physical pain and suffering. We may also seek punitive damages to punish 3M for intentionally marketing and distributing a dangerous product. 

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