The Taxotere® Lawsuit Can Secure Compensation for Permanent Hair Loss

The chemotherapy drug Taxotere® is considered highly effective treatment for breast cancer, but can cause a distressing, permanent side effect. Many women have been devastated to discover that their hair loss, expected to be temporary, does not resolve after treatment. If you have experienced permanent hair loss, you should know about a growing Taxotere® lawsuit. Our San Diego, CA, law firm represents victims of pharmaceutical negligence, and can help you obtain compensation for your loss.

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About Taxotere®

About 75 percent of U.S. women with a diagnosis of breast cancer are treated with Taxotere® (docetaxel). Manufactured by Sanofi, the drug was approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in 1996.  It has been shown to extend the survival rate for patients with a variety of cancers, and is now the most widely used breast cancer treatment in America.

Many chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss, but the hair typically grows back a few months after treatment is complete. Loss of hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows, is known to cause a great deal of emotional distress, especially for women. To help endure the process, patients depend upon the promise of an eventual return to normalcy. Many Taxotere® patients, however, have been shocked to learn they now suffer from alopecia, or permanent hair loss.

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Lawsuits Filed

Several women have filed lawsuits against Sanofi, a multi-national corporation headquartered in France. In March, 2016, an Illinois woman filed a case seeking damages for permanent hair loss after she received breast cancer treatment with Taxotere®. The plaintiff states that neither she nor her healthcare provider were aware of the risk of disfiguring alopecia.

We have a record of outstanding results for past clients, and we can help you recover appropriate monetary damages.

Sanofi is accused of covering up a known causal relationship between this medication and permanent hair loss. The corporation learned of the link in a clinical study they sponsored, known as the GEICAM 9805 study. This research demonstrated that 9.2 percent of patients who used Taxotere® had persistent alopecia lasting 10 years or more. Other studies have since confirmed a link between Taxotere® and permanent hair loss.

The drug manufacturer has never provided a specific warning about this unfortunate side effect, and uses the vague wording, “hair generally grows back” in its product information. Women suffering from life-altering alopecia say they would have chosen an alternative chemotherapy treatment if they had understood the risk.

Fight Corporate Negligence

Pharmaceutical liability cases are common, and thousands of plaintiffs have received substantial compensation awards for injuries from defective drugs and medical devices. Our law firm is committed to helping victims of corporate wrongdoing seek the restitution we believe they deserve.

We have a record of outstanding results for past clients, and we can help you recover appropriate monetary damages. Please contact our office to speak to an attorney today or schedule a free consultation.