San Diego Injury Lawyer Launches Twitter Account

Jan 11, 2017 @ 11:00 AM — by Kerry Steigerwalt

A screenshot of the San Diego Injury Lawyer Twitter AccountSan Diego, CA - Kerry Steigerwalt and the team at San Diego Injury Lawyer are pleased to announce the launch of the law firm's official Twitter account. The account has an easy-to-remember Twitter handle: @sdinjurylawyers.

The legal team will use Twitter to disseminate information about the firm, to cover important topics in the legal field, to share original legal content pertaining to personal injury law, and to interact with people all over the world.

Harnessing the Potential of Social Media

Twitter offers hundreds of millions of people a chance to have their voices heard. Users can engage with the others, and potentially improve lives in the process.

By using Twitter and other social media platforms, San Diego Injury Lawyer hopes to educate those throughout San Diego County and the world. Twitter will become a launch pad for the legal team to discuss issues that are important to injury and accident victims. Knowledge is power, and sharing the right news and information can help empower those in need.

Links to Original Content about Injury and Accident Topics

San Diego Injury Lawyer has a regularly updated legal blog. The blog features original content that covers personal injury topics of all kinds. Some of the recent posts on the legal blog include:

  • Whiplash injuries from auto accidents
  • The causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Why motorcyclists should reconsider lanesplitting
  • How spills and moisture can lead to slip at fall accidents

On Twitter, the law firm will provide links to the latest updates on the legal blog. People can access this content as soon as it goes live. This is a great way for the team at San Diego Injury Lawyer to discuss topics that come up over the course of a given month.

Sharing News Stories on Legal Issues That Matter

San Diego Injury Lawyer will share pertinent legal news issues that matter to lawyers and their clients. This may include articles on product recalls, sports injury litigation, animal attacks and dog bites, and other urgent legal matters as they arise. The legal news can help educate followers on important, unfolding stories.

Another Chance for Interaction and Discussion

The web has opened up the possibilities for communication. Email allows for faster correspondence, messenger systems allow for immediate interaction, and video conferencing has revolutionized the way people connect. Twitter adds to this dynamic new world, allowing brief exchanges to evolve into more substantive discussions.

People are encouraged to send tweets to @sdinjurylawyers if they have questions or comments about legal matters. A discussion can then unfold in public or through direct message. The ensuing dialogue, whatever topics are covered, can be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

Expanding the Conversation for the Better

If Twitter is about making connections that might not exist otherwise, San Diego Injury Lawyer wants to engage in conversations with anyone out there interested in the legal field. This means accident victims and their loved ones, peers and colleagues, and young people interested in pursuing a career in law. The potential for something positive to come from these types of conversations is limitless.

Learn More about Legal Matters

For more information about legal options and the latest topics in state and national law, be sure to contact San Diego Injury Lawyer. The law firm can be contacted directly by using the contact information provided below.

3559 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 272-4027

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