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Jan 6, 2017 @ 06:00 AM — by Kerry Steigerwalt

Screen shot of the car defects LawyerShop pageSan Diego, CA - Kerry Steigerwalt has authored a new client resource page about car design defects and automotive product liability for LawyerShop. Using his years of experience as an attorney, Mr. Steigerwalt provides a breakdown of the issues related to defective product cases involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles.

By offering an overview of the major topics related to this complicated issue, the resource page serves as an invaluable legal launch pad for those who were injured on the road. The loved ones of accident victims can also find the information they need to seek justice following a severe or fatal collision.

Automotive Product Liability Litigation Explored

When it comes to catastrophic injuries and legal options following serious auto accidents, it can be difficult to determine what the next step may be. These issues are compounded by the often complicated laws regarding product defects and legal liability.

Mr. Steigerwalt's legal resource page covers some broad topics related to defective cars and auto parts, including:

  • Definitions of "strict liability", "breach of warranty", and "crashworthiness"
  • Defense strategies used by automakers
  • Examples of vehicle defects
  • Legal compensation in defective car litigation

Mr. Steigerwalt's legal resource page also provides in-text links to other LawyerShop pages. These links allows readers to learn more about topics that are related to their case. For example, LawyerShop includes pages dedicated to SUV rollover accidents, seat belt malfunctions, and tire failure.

Expert Breakdowns of Legal Matters

Issues related to product liability law can be complicated, especially given the language and the way the laws are written. Consumers may feel intimidated about pursuing rightful legal action, not knowing where to begin, let alone what they're reading.

Mr. Steigerwalt avoids potential confusion. His legal resource page uses straightforward language that's concise and free from legalese. Even complicated legal topics are rendered in a way that everyone can understand.

Helping Injury Victims Take on Big Business

Taking on a corporation is a difficult task. The size of influence of a large company may seem like too much for individuals to handle. These businesses often have high-priced legal teams. Even multiple consumers with a legitimate grievance or set of grievances may feel intimidated.

Mr. Steigerwalt penned his resource page to give accident victims hope. Even a little information on a person's rights can offer someone incentive to pursue legal action. A lawsuit against an automaker can help protect others out there from harm.

Fighting for the Rights of Consumers

This legal resource page is part of Mr. Steigerwalt's ongoing fight for consumers. In addition to automotive defect litigation, Mr. Steigerwalt has also handled cases related to dangerous drugs and pharmaceuticals as well as faulty medical devices.

Mr. Steigerwalt believes that basic safety standards and protections must be adhered to so that consumer goods are safe for reasonable use; cutting corners at the expense of safety is unacceptable.

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