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Oct 13, 2016 @ 09:00 AM — by Kerry Steigerwalt

A screenshot of the Dog Bite Liability page on LawyerShopSan Diego, CA - Attorney Kerry Steigerwalt has authored an educational page on dog attacks and dog bite lawsuits for LawyerShop, a leading online legal directory. The page on dog attack litigation is a helpful resource for the victims of such attacks, as well as dog owners. In the case of the former, there is legal guidance to consider, and in the case of the latter, it provides reasons for dog owners to exercise more responsibility.

Mr. Steigerwalt hopes that this educational page allows people to get the legal help they need, and perhaps even prevent needless dog attacks in the future.

Statistics and Facts that Put the Issue in Perspective

Context is important when discussing big issues, which is why Mr. Steigerwalt opens his educational page with statistics on dog attacks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The numbers reveal that dog attacks are more common than many people think.

Mr. Steigerwalt is also careful to note that dog owners are often not the targets of dog bite lawsuits. Instead, claims are filed against insurance companies. Many people are hesitant to pursue legal action fearing that a friend or loved one may be the target of legal action. Knowing the facts of the matter can offer peace of mind, allowing people injured by a dog to seek just compensation.

An Overview of State Laws for Dog Attacks

In addition to offering a statistical context for dog bite cases, Mr. Steigerwalt also provides information on the different dog bite laws in various states. Since LawyerShop is a national legal resource with readers from all over the country, the dog bite page takes these regional legal differences into account.

People who pursue an injury lawsuit can keep this information in mind. Readers are encouraged to learn more about their state laws regarding animal attacks and dog bites since this will impact the litigation process.

Information that Dog Attack Victims Need

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to pursuing an injury lawsuit is knowing whether or not someone has a legitimate case. By outlining some basic concerns about dog attacks and providing an overview of the state laws involved, dog bite victims get the information they need to make more confident legal decisions. This educational page may encourage people to speak with an attorney when they may have been hesitant otherwise.

Empowering Dog Owners to Protect Themselves and Their Neighbors

Mr. Steigerwalt's contribution to LawyerShop is also intended as a resource for people who have dogs. Dog attack laws can have dire consequences for the animals and their owners. By knowing the penalties and legal issues involved, dog owners can be more careful when their dog is out in public or when people come to visit.

This mix of caution and common sense can prevent injuries to others, and in turn avoid hardships for dog owners and their pets.

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