Defective Medical Device Attorney

IVC Filters

An IVC filter

Inferior vena cava (IVC) filters are designed to catch blood clots before they can migrate and become a more serious problem. However, due to design flaws and inadequate warnings from the manufacturer, these devices can migrate within the body and cause organ damage, heart complications, stroke, and even death.

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The Essure® birth control device

The Essure® device is an implantable method of birth control that is intended to be permanent. Lawsuits that have already been filed allege that the manufacturer concealed evidence of the danger of the device migrating and causing damage to the surrounding organs.

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Hip Replacement Systems

An x-ray image of a patient's hips

There are many safe and effective hip replacement systems available for patients who have suffered devastating injuries to the joint. Products that contain metal-on-metal components have been linked to an increased risk of metal poisoning, osteolysis, and failure rates that may require additional surgeries.

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Power Morcellators

A power morcellator surgical device

Power morcellators are surgical instruments that are used in laparoscopic mass removal and hysterectomies. This device has provided patients with a less invasive technique to perform these surgeries, but these instruments have also been found to spread cancer cells in patients with undiagnosed tumors.

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